December 7, 2017 | Bank of America Plaza | Dallas, Texas

On Thursday, December 7, 2017, the American Mortgage Diversity Council (AMDC) hosted a round-table in partnership with Bank of America in Dallas, Texas. AMDC is planning a series of LGBT events with community leaders in major cities across the nation in 2018.

This round-table provided an opportunity to connect the leaders of the LGBT community organizations with the leaders of banks and mortgage companies in an open setting to discuss issues affecting the LGBT community, both from a home ownership perspective, and a workplace inclusion perspective.

Within the American Mortgage Diversity Council, an LGBTQ Affinity committee exists as a special interest thought body to influence and affect change within the mortgage industry to ensure all LGBTQ people are treated equally. AMDC is always looking for new members and organizations to help further the efforts of diversity and inclusion across the mortgage industry. For more information on the summit event or the committee, contact John Rieger @ 214-525-6769, or email