Tai Christensen, CBC Mortgage Agency‘s Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Officer who also serves on the Advisory Board for the Five Star Institute’s American Mortgage Diversity Council, joined DS5 for a discussion on diversity in mortgage lending. 

As our country and industry celebrate Diversity Month, Christensen explains how and why down payment assistance can help bring more people of color into homeownership. She also speaks about her own family’s legacy as homeowners and why that intergenerational wealth can be so critical.

Between the down payment and the credit score issues, communities of color … have some challenges. It’s up to the mortgage industry to reach out to these communities in a grassroots way,” Christensen said. “It is exceedingly important that people understand the credit score model, understand debt and how to use it wisely, understand that there is some financial trauma associated with our communities of color.”

Watch the Christensen interview in full below, and read more about her in MReport magazine’s Q&A, available here.