Upcoming Webinars

The Core of Diversity and Its Rewards

Wednesday, January 17, 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. CT

Many corporations are pulling back from their investments in DEI, while ESG is on the rise. The Supreme Court has nullified Affirmative Action and the winds of DEI are shifting yet again. So where does this leave our industry? This panel will discuss what is at the heart of DEI, why there is still work to be done, and how the companies that embrace DEI benefit.

Past Webinars

How D&I Directly Impacts Health & Growth

Need tangible steps to promote Diversity and Inclusion within your organization? AMDC presents: “How D&I Directly Impacts Health & Growth.
Whether you’re starting at square one of D&I initiatives, or have long-established programs within your org, this webinar is a must-attend if you’re interested in what it takes to elevate all things D&I. Walk away with actionable goals that directly ties Diversity and Inclusion to morale, employee development, and talent acquisition and many more.

Meet the panel:

  • Joe Velazquez, SVP, Neighborhood Lending, Bank of America (Moderator)
  • Frank Fuentes, NVP, Multicultural Lending, New American Funding
  • Angela Hurst, SVP, RES.NET
  • Lola Oyewole, Chair AMDC Advisory Council, VP, Human Resources and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Ocwen Financial Corporation

Leading Beyond a Crisis: Driving Sustainable Homeownership in Diverse Communities

Market crises – such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, or the Great Recession – can impact minority borrowers disproportionately. This webinar outlines the steps mortgage professionals can take to build a more sustainable, equitable, and diverse housing ecosystem.

Meet the Panel:

  • Joe Velazquez, SVP, Neighborhood Lending, Bank of America (Moderator)
  • Dionne Cuello, VP, Diverse Market Segments, Citi
  • Suzy Lindblom, COO, Planet Home Lending, LLC
  • Alanna McCargo, VP, Housing Finance Policy Center, Urban Institute
  • Lenny McNeill, EVP, U.S. Bank Home Mortgage

Creating a Force for Housing

With the mission of fostering a more diverse and inclusive workforce in the housing industry, Fannie Mae’s Future Housing Leaders connects college students with diverse backgrounds to opportunities for paid internships and entry-level jobs offered by top employers in the housing industry.

Presented By:

  • Marcus Cole, Director, Future Housing Leaders Program Office of Minority Women and Inclusion (OMWI), Fannie Mae.

An Industry Standard: Tracking and Reporting Vendor Diversity

Having a diverse vendor network provides business advantages by enhancing value, fostering competition, and aligning more closely with your customers. But how should you calculate diversity and what specific considerations for the mortgage industry affect the equation? Supply Chain experts from American Mortgage Diversity Council (AMDC) members Altisource and Fannie Mae present an AMDC endorsed methodology which can serve as a starting point for enhancing your vendor network.

Presented By:

  • Francisco Reyes, Director, Vendor Oversight, Altisource
  • Michael Ruiz, Director, Supplier Diversity, Fannie Mae

Best Practices for Creating Diversity Initiatives in Your Company

Employers use diversity and inclusion initiatives to increase the overall bottom line with a more diverse workforce. Learn what it takes to get started or improve your program.

Presented By:

  • Tami Rund, AssetVal
  • Monica Peltz, First American Title Insurance
  • Brian Daily, First Allegiance
  • Mary Mbiya, Flagstar Bank
  • Katie Van Hook, Continental Real Estate Services

Issues in African American Homeownership

2019 represents 400 years of African American history in the United States of America. To commemorate this milestone, the 115th Congress passed House Resolution 1242, directing that the nation celebrating African American history all year. This January webinar will offer insight on the current state of housing for African Americans and offer insight into how much progress is yet to be made in achieving equal housing opportunity for all.

Presented By:

  • Charmaine Brown, Director, External Outreach and Engagement, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, Fannie Mae

Women-Owned Small Business: Navigating Certification

Qualifying as a certified women-owned small business (WOSB) presents opportunities for organizations led by female entrepreneurs to grow. Register today for this informative webinar focused on topics that prepare your business to become certified and win new business.

Presented By:

  • Heather Beers Burt – Beers Housing
  • Lori Eshoo – National Tax Search
  • Josephine M. Hamel – Heavner, Beyers & Mihlar
  • Michelle A. Mierzwa – Wright Finlay & Zak

Diversity and the Business Supply Chain

This webinar discusses how organizations benefit from engaging in a diverse supply-chain, the methods and best practices for increasing diversity in your own supply chain, and the variety of certifications available for minority-owned businesses to identify themselves.

Presented By:

  • Edmond Buckley, Aspen Grove Solutions
  • Francisco Reyes, Altisource
  • Clint Welser, Laudan Properties
  • Kirk Willison, Altisource

The Do’s & Don’ts of Diverse Hiring in the Workplace

Federal court employment discrimination lawsuits are at an all-time high, are expensive and can affect a company’s reputation and cause irreparable harm to the company. Attend this webinar to learn best practices for success in ensuring that your organizations hiring practices encourage diversity and protect the bottom line.

Presented By:

  • Randy Miller
  • Randal S. Miller & Associates

Understanding the Effects of Implicit Bias

All leaders have biases which if left unrecognized and unchecked, have the potential to affect the decision-making process. Hear an overview of how to recognize bias and work to overcome its effect on the industry.

Presented By:

  • Charmaine Brown
  • Fannie Mae

Making the Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion

Presented By:

  • Tami Rund, AssetVal
  • Brian Dailey, First Allegiance
  • Katie Van Hook, Continental Real Estate Services
  • Monika Peltz, First American
  • Randy Perry, AssetVal