Gender Equality

The AMDC is committed to fostering a culture of gender equality and respect within the mortgage industry. To that end, the organization has formulated a statement of support for industry organizations to sign on to, affirming their commitment to gender equality in the workplace. This includes but is not limited to issues of pay, advancement, and cultivating respectful workplace cultures.

The Mortgage Industry Gender Equality

Statement of Support


Fairness, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace are core values within the mortgage industry that inform every facet of our business. Still, more work remains to be done to ensure that all workplaces foster a culture of gender equality and respect. To that end, we affirm the following:

  • We value the contributions of all people equally regardless of gender identification or presentation and encourage equal pay for equal work performed.
  • We will conduct periodic reviews across our organizations to evaluate possible areas of bias and implement solutions to remove bias if it exists.
  • We support gender equality as a strategic objective for our organizations by promoting opportunities to elevate our female executive population, thereby increasing the rate of retention, recruitment, and advancement for female employees.
  • We support empowering emerging female leaders by offering development, training, and mentorship programs in strategic operational functions for future opportunities.

The mortgage industry understands that our commitment to equality and inclusion is paramount to effectively serve our diverse customer base. We will continue our work toward the development and implementation of equitable policies and practices that enhance the diversity of our own organization and future partners.

Supporting Organizations

To add your company’s name to the growing list of supporting organizations, contact Jennifer Susser at [email protected] or 214.525.6708.