AMDC Mentorship Program

An industry-wide initiative to support our future leaders through mentorship, focusing on diversity, and relationship capital.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are mentoring matches made?

AMDC mentor/mentee partnerships are determined by carefully analyzing the background and expectations of the mentee as well as the mentor’s expertise and achievements. Once the best match has been identified, both parties would be notified and connected. 

How much time will this take?

Mentoring-partnership commitments are supported by the AMDC for six months. The time spent on the outcomes is dependent on the goals and availability of the participants. One meeting must be held once a month. Participants are free to continue their relationship beyond the AMDC-supported time frame.

How will I communicate with my mentor/mentee?

Communication is one-on-one, either in person, or by telephone. At the onset of a mentor/mentee relationship, all the particulars are discussed and agreed upon.

Session expectations

Every session would be devoted to a particular development step. The specific goals will be defined by the Mentor and the Mentee at the beginning of the program.

  1. Introductions and Goals – Get to know each other. Clarify interests and expectations.
  2. Narrow Focus – Identify two or three problem statements that will set the state for future mentoring exercises
  3. Establish Mentoring Exercises – Engage in concrete skills development. The Mentor works with the Mentee to develop a specific action plan that addresses the problem statements. * Mentee to provide a Progress Report to AMDC.
  4. Debrief Mentoring Exercises – This session focuses on studying in detail the exercises development and outcomes, on analyzing what was successful and what wasn’t. The key is to focus on incremental action learning.
  5. Real Life Cases – Work on real situations that the Mentee could be facing at the time and apply the same process in order to understand how to approach and work out possible solutions or action items.
  6. Evaluate – Review the goals and expectations from session one and establish if they were met. Share feedback regarding how the Mentorship experience felt and define the takeaways. * Mentee to provide a Progress Report to AMDC.
Do I have to be an AMDC member to participate?

Mentors for this program have to be active members of the American Mortgage Diversity Council. For the Mentees this is not a mandatory requirement.

Will the terms of communication between mentor/mentee be confidential?

Yes. All program applicants are expected to maintain confidentiality throughout the application, active engagement, and post-engagement process, except when having to turn in the progress reports to the AMDC Membership Director. In addition, participants should adhere to all privacy policies and practices as instituted by their employers. A confidentiality agreement will be required to be signed by the mentor and mentee as a requirement of the program.

How do I sign up?

To sign-up to be a mentor/mentee or to learn more about the AMDC Mentor Program, please visit: or contact Marcela Bruner at [email protected].